Mush. Boston Dynamics tethered 10 Spot robots together and had them pull a box truck across the company's parking lot in Massachusetts. Check out Boston Dynamics' latest advancement with the SpotMini robot dog. The two SpotMinis in the lead include the arm attachment that adds five-degrees of freedom - as well as about 11 pounds to the frame. by M. Arbeiter. Ewdison Then - Apr 17, 2019, 12:15am CDT. That's still quite a bit of pulling power from less than a dozen robot dogs, but they're still a few degrees removed from robot … The latest video from Boston Dynamics show 10 Spot dog-like robots pulling a truck. According to tech firm’s latest video on YouTube, it takes just 10 canine-inspired Spotpower machines to haul a truck across Boston Dynamics parking lot with a one-degree uphill slope. In a scene straight out of Black Mirror, Boston Dynamics has released a new video showing 10 of their SpotMini robot dogs pulling a truck. Apr 19 2019 • 7:50 AM. Now, Boston Dynamics has returned with a new video featuring a group of its Spot robots working together to pull a truck and, welp, humanity had a pretty good run. ... A Bunch of Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs Work Together to Pull a Truck. Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robots work together to pull a truck. In classic Boston Dynamics style, ... line and ready to hit the commercial market has been accompanied by a video showing 10 of these robot dogs effectively pulling a truck across a parking lot. Want to know how many Boston Dynamics Spotpower robots can pull a big truck? According to Boston Dynamics, the 10 SpotMini robot dogs were able to pull the Boston Dynamics truck "~1 degree uphill, truck in neutral". Generally speaking, any squadron marching in formation delivers a visceral fright, and is intended to do so, but that fright is exponentially increased when that squadron is comprised of robotic A pack of robot dogs stood in for real dogs, and a box There was a driver behind the wheel during the demonstration, probably to prevent accidents, […] I for one welcome our kind and benevolent robot overlords. ... as Boston Dynamics’ latest video shows, these can haul an entire truck. 0.

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