And it´s probably worth having a look at what Gerry Adams actually said about ‘gangland’ before it got spun by the Fine Gael & Denis O´Brien´s INM propaganda machine: Clearly what Adams said was completely accurate and INM media and the Fine Gael government spun it as hard as they could. (Irish Times), ‘This was Roddy when he got it of the mouse and Freddie scum of the earth Thompson when he got it of his uncle’ (The Whistleblower Tweeter), ‘Let´s do a #MeToo: daniel cancer Kinahan, darren roddy O´Brien, Freddie scum of the earth Thompson wer all rode up the arse’ (The Whistleblower Tweeter), ‘Daniel stop trying 2 play it down the Bray [Boxing Club] incident was an attack on MTK stop telling ppl it wasn´t, anybody involved with MTK dont be shocked when these events happen’ (The Whistleblower Tweeter), Relations soured further when Hutch threatened to reveal how the Kinahans had double-crossed several of their international business partners, including a notorious Dutch drug trafficker, Robert Mink Kok… In August 2011, Mink Kok was arrested in Lebanon along with two accomplices after undercover police officers seized 53kg of cocaine in one of the biggest drug busts in Lebanese history… Kok and his associates were subsequently jailed for eight years each. This was done to deliberately to create on October Surprise designed to damage Sinn Féin in the upcoming elections. According to an Irish Sun article: Irish Mirror journalist David Coleman linked the explosives to a potential attack on the Kinahan faction in the North Inner-City: Another young relative of Christy Burke was also charged with membership of a dissident republican group and possession of a firearm in 2012. High-profile RTE TV personality Marian Finucane is infamous for her extremely biased anti-Sinn Féin reporting, but she is fine with this because Sinn Féin were the political wing of the IRA and the IRA are bad as far as she is concerned. The large murder squad had by then removed their disguises and now carried bags presumably containing those disguises. Duffy was gay and the criminal had used this to seduce him and arrange a late-night meeting in a quiet and deserted location. This would also make a mockery of the claim that Daniel Kinahan* stole money that Gary Hutch had supposedly tried to invest after the Tiger robbery 5 years earlier. On the very same day that Dowdall received the warning that his life was supposedly under threat, Patrick Hutch was arrested. According to Irish Independent journalist Ken Foy, in an article published on November 9th 2015: As is customary for Kinahan faction associates, no statement about the alleged assassination attempt was ever made to the police. Seems kind of straightforward, but is it? It´ll all come out in the end, and these scumbags will get eaten up by the street. They used weapons that had been highlighted as IRA linked weapons less than a month earlier at a police press conference, well-known dissident republican Kevin Murray took part in the attack but made no effort to disguise himself, and then a fake claim was made to the BBC Belfast correspondence falsely linking the Continuity IRA to the attack. The police never did find any weapons or explosives during the search but they took any money and valuables that they could snatch, and confiscated Dowdall’s €85,000 BMW and his €35,000 motor-bike. If the tape was an attempt to frighten the American people from voting for Bush, it of course had the complete opposite effect! The ‘spectacular’ attention catching style would also undoubtedly lead to an unprecedented international media frenzy for at least a few days. Firstly, that at least five gunmen and a getaway driver had been involved in the murder of David Byrne*, the shooting of Sean McGovern* and Aaron Bolger*, and the attempt to kill Daniel Kinahan*. And at that, why not just get Dowdall to send a coded text: Why the need to make such a risky journey at all? The victim, David Douglas was a former member of the IRA who had been expelled from the movement because of his involvement in drug dealing. This member of staff told them where it was, but immediately noted that Wig-man was a man disguised as a woman and began to alert other members of staff. That is why a well-known dissident republican, Kevin Murray, was hired, and why he allowed himself to be seen and photographed so clearly during the assassination. When he was arrested he was with a man who was found to be in possession of a fake Irish passport. Michael Barr, who was a leading dissident, was murdered by a Kinahan hit team… Ever since then [police] have expected the dissidents to take some sort of revenge’ (David Coleman), ‘Relative of Christy Burke bailed on possession of explosive charges. Shane Rowan… was charged at the non-jury court with possession of three assault rifles… Additionally Mr Rowan was charged with membership of an unlawful organisation, styling itself the Irish Republican Army… otherwise [known as] the IRA.’ (Paul Williams), ‘This week, in a milestone for the investigation, detectives SECURED THE FIRST MAJOR CONVICTION LINKED TO THE PROBE INTO THE KINAHAN-HUTCH FEUD. Travers did as he was told and the gang escaped with €7.66million. What happened next will stay with him forever. As Dr Tom Clonan stated, the Regency Hotel attack was, right from the get-go, CHOREOGRAPHED to look like an Irish Republican terrorist attack. Martin Manning (22) is charged with possession of an explosive substance to wit ten 400-gram blocks of TNT and the explosive head of an RGD33 hand grenade at Spring Garden Street on June 2, ‘We expected them to retaliate – but by God they moved quickly,” Mr Burke says to me. The Blueshirts were racist and anti-Semitic, and anti-democratic. Continuity IRA said they were not going to stand back and allow drug dealers and criminals to target Republicans… [CIRA] said it had been retraining and rearming in recent years… This will not be an isolated incident. For more information, go to, There are no reviews yet. However, Ryan was a high-ranking member of a RIVAL republican organisation that was/is in conflict with the Continuity IRA. These belongings included the black BMW that would eventually be used as the getaway after the attempted assassination of Daniel Kinahan* on August 3rd 2014. As noted, the media and the police claim that they have prevented over FIFTY MORE MURDERS by the Kinahan gang, by intercepting hitmen on their way to murder members of the Hutch faction! These left-wing politicians and particularly the socialists want to end the austerity program, and force those who stole the money to repay it, and even be imprisoned. Either way, suspicions were immediately raised over who had ratted out the safehouse address to the police. And as there was no sign of Daniel Kinahan*, he simply left after sending a final message on his phone. The other cousin is described as having been arrested and questioned about the murder of Derek Duffy and being associated with ‘Irish drug dealers’ based in southern Spain. [A man named Darren] O’Brien was seen driving a silver BMW into the estate before going into a house carrying a hold-all. One of his closest associates was criminal godfather Christy ‘Bronco’ Dunne, who he owned property with. Rae´s main propagandist, Paul Williams, has gone from strength to strength too and has become a major media personality over the last couple of years. However, the actually money that was meant to be stolen that night was not €1milion, but instead allegedly almost double that. The operational capacity of the Kinahan Cartel was left essentially unaffected by the almost complete failure of the primary aims of the inexplicably and needlessly complicated attack. If there had been police there, there would have been a shoot-out between the attackers and armed officers. Before becoming the head of Twitter Europe she was head of the Irish police´s Media and Public Relations. So, he is perhaps the only member of the extended Hutch faction that IMN propagandists could justifiably claim is ‘innocent’ and ‘not involved with crime’. Incredibly, just under a month later the very same type of weapons, very prominently displayed, were used to murder David Byrne* and injure Sean McGovern*. The Dublin West [Fine Gael politician] said the incident was “unprecedent” and that she will not “second guess” the decision making of the police. However, before leaving to meet this criminal, Duffy boasted about the liaison to a number of associates. This is also without question a reference to GARY Hutch. A number of these secondary getaway vehicles were taxis. It is telling that Tallant refers to the murder of David Byrne* as a ‘DARING attempt to murder’ Daniel Kinahan*. There have been no convictions for that attack. However, it took Fine Gael and Labour just one governing period to squander half of that success. So, perhaps understandably the Kinahan faction looked with incredulity at the media claims that Edward Hutch was ‘innocent’ and ‘not involved with crime’. If it was a dissident IRA, then it wouldn´t involve Sinn Féin or mainstream Republicanism at all and would instead probably involve drug-dealers who pose as republicans. Throughout 2010 more ‘Intelligence led operations’ (meaning tip-offs from an informant) led to a number of large drug seizures and numerous arrests in Ireland. The implication is that whatever was said during this supposedly taped ‘heart-to-heart’ between Dowdall and the Monk led to the raid on Jonathan Dowdall´s house and fish tank. This is a significant shift and is a reaction to the hugely unfair austerity program forced on the whole Irish population to pay for the monies stolen by a very small group of very wealthy supporters of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. A violent blood Feud was now inevitable according to both police, media, and underworld sources. Two very close associates of Edward Hutch flew into Madrid airport and allegedly met with senior Kinahan faction members to negotiate a truce. While police leaders, such as Noreen O´Sullivan and John O´Mahoney, facilitated attempts by the Fine Gael leadership to smear Sinn Féin and mainstream Irish Republicanism by association, the ordinary police rank and file knew that the Regency Hotel attack had been carried out by associates of Gary Hutch. The notorious North Inner-City criminal is a feared hitman who is suspected of carrying out the murders of Paul Kavanagh, as well as Eamon ‘the Don’ Dunne in 2010… Detectives believe the murder [of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel] had been planned for several months, the gang under-estimated the number of people who would be in the hotel. And it has already been shown that the ‘spectacular’ style of the attack made it harder to murder Daniel Kinahan*. He has been closely associated with the Hutch family for many decades. According to Daily Independent journalist Robin Schiller: Originally there were a number of different claims made in the media about why Kearns had been gunned down and who was responsible. Gareth Hutch initially fled Ireland to Holland, and then had the charges against him simply dropped when he returned to Ireland! On the surface, they are allies, two of the most powerful Democratic families on the political landscape, shaping American policy for years to come. However, unfortunately for the attackers, the media weren´t really falling for the charade. (Ciaran Barnes), Consider that there had been a murder attempt made against Daniel Kinahan* at the previous most recent boxing event he had attended in Dublin in November, setting a precedent for attacks against him on the Friday of Dublin boxing events…, Consider that according to all sources the extreme bad blood between both factions was still ongoing and continuing to escalate (the attempted assassination of Daniel Kinahan* in Spain in August 2014; the murder of Gary Hutch in Spain in September 2015; the attempted murder of Del-Boy Hutch in Mountjoy Prison in October 2015; the attempted murder of Daniel Kinahan* at the Red Cow Inn in November 2015; the attempted murder of Del-Boy Hutch in Mountjoy Prison in December; the attempted murder of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch in December 2015; all of which were heavily reported on in the Irish media prior to the Regency Hotel Atrocity), Consider that many Kinahan faction associates were mainly based in Spain so options to target them were limited to the rare occasion they visited Dublin and attended public events…, Consider all the threats being made by Hutch sources through their media outlets in the build-up to the Regency Hotel event…, Consider that the Regency Hotel security systems had been tampered with twice in the days prior to the Regency Hotel murder and shootings…, Leading crime celebrity Paul Williams had publicly predicated ‘a full-blown war’ between the Kinahan and Hutch factions less than a month before the Regency Hotel attack…, Consider the ‘posse’ of journalists who staked out the Regency Hotel for precisely the reasons listed above…, `The shocking events which took place at the Regency Hotel last Friday came as something of a shock… especially to police, but not to those who read newspapers! YOU´D ALMOST THINK THERE WAS AN ELECTION HAPPENING OR SOMETHING’ (An Sionnach Fionn), ‘Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said that she had been informed by Police Commissioner Noreen O´Sullivan that there was no intelligence to suggest that the attack was being planned: “I have spoken to the commissioner about this this morning and what she has said to me is that obviously that was a decision they took, it was an operational decision. (Garreth MacNamee), ‘Feud victim Michael Barr [was] revealed to be one of the gunman responsible for [the] Regency Hotel shooting… Slain dissident republican Michael Barr was one of [three] gunman dressed as [police] who burst through the doors of a Dublin hotel in a gangland hit last year… fingerprints and other evidence connected to him were found by [police] at the scene of the attack… A dissident insider said: “Not only was he involved in setting the whole thing up, recruiting men and getting the [assault rifles], he also used them… Mickey was approached by members of the Hutch gang in late 2015 about setting up an operation and quickly got him and a select few on board. (Owen Conlon), ‘[A] bogus drug deal sealed Gary Hutch’s fate… The Kinahan gang set up a fake drug delivery to prove [Hutch] was a [police informant] … When the bogus drug run was intercepted, the ruthless gangsters decided to go ahead with his murder… The suspicion he was a [police informant] sealed his fate. The deadly feud escalated even further with two vicious attacks on Gary’s brother Derek ‘Del-Boy’ Hutch behind bars… and just this week it emerged on New Year´s Eve the Monk narrowly escaped an attempt on his life at a bar in Lanzarote’. However, they have always been the pseudo ‘left-wing’ party that have propped up Fine Gael and allowed them to create minority governments. They then hatched a plan to attack the Kinahan faction when they would be in Dublin for the ironically named Clash of the Clans boxing event at the start of February. Fine Gael also chose to effectively end Ireland´s century old neutrality by expelling a Russian diplomat for the most tenuous of reasons. Duggan had begun his criminal career as a burglar and car thief before moving into fraud and smuggling. According to journalist Ciaran Barnes, as reported in the Belfast Telegraph: During the raid, cash equivalent to €80,000 was also found. Then, ‘coincidently’ someone pretending to represent the Continuity IRA made a completely bogus claim, without a recognised codeword, that the attack had been carried out by its members as revenge for the murder of Real IRA volunteer Alan Ryan, and because of its supposed anti-drugs stance. (Veronica Guerin), ‘… an underworld source close to [Gerard] Hutch, who [Williams] has been in regular contact [with]’. During the non-jury trial of alleged Kinahan faction associate Freddie Thompson the prosecutor said that it is NOT the State´s claim that is was Thompson who shot drug-dealing, dog-fighting fanatic, hitman David Douglas. Despite the dip in their popularity after they were falsely associated with the Regency Hotel Atrocity, Sinn Féin still had a very successful election. There have been no convictions for that attack. As for Gary Hutch, Guardian journalist Henry McDonald wrote that: Clearly Hutch wasn’t a target. And in fact, the police had even tasked the public with reporting any suspicious activity. The very next day, on February 5th 2008 over €9million worth of cocaine was seized by Spanish police close to the scene of the Doyle shooting and eight people were arrested. Mary-Lou McDonald romped home with a massive tally of first choice vote while Burke was not even re-elected. A fight to the death! The reader should let that sink in. And by another one of those crazy coincidences that run throughout the heart of this story, Dowdall was then supposedly recorded driving criminal mastermind Gerard ‘the Monk’ Hutch up into the Occupied Six Counties to meet ‘New IRA chiefs’ to discuss how to get the assault rifles used during the Regency Hotel attack ‘back over the border’. Jonathan Dowdall… waterboarded the victim and claimed he was in the IRA during a two-hour interrogation… His father Patrick… threatened to chop off the man´s fingers with pliers as he was tortured. Dozens of people present at the weigh-in have insisted that Kevin Murray could simply have walked up on Daniel and shot him, because no one knew who was. Douglas was also a dog-fighting fanatic who was found in possession of dug fighting DVDs and paraphernalia, and dog fight training equipment. The ‘tip-offs’ kept occurring but as is typical the drugs kept coming in. Eye witnesses to the Regency Hotel Atrocity have stated that aside from Kevin Murray the other four gunmen spoke with heavy north Dublin accents. However, in the end, the killer´s own sister gave evidence against him and he was convicted of the murder of Jim Curran. As such some police officers had a potentially great opportunity to advance their careers and please their political masters. Barr allegedly accepted the contract, rented the three AKM assault rifles off a dissident quartermaster, and hired the dying Kevin Murray. Gary was then murdered for no reason. According to numerous media reports if his gun hadn´t jammed Douglas would have murdered Freddie Thompson´s cousin Liam Roe, who was according to media reports having a cigarette outside the venue. He caused all this – it won´t end until he is in his grave”. And Noreen O´Sullivan, who was the Police Commissioner at the time of the Regency Hotel policing failure, she was already the top police officer in the land, so she couldn´t be promoted, but her husband, police officer Jim McGowan of Ballymun police station, was coincidently promoted to Chief Superintendent in the same month Fitzgerald was promoted to Tánaiste. Android. They’re not real pigs’. They have no intelligence which they believe would have warranted their presence there. No different than his scumbag mate, getting his young lad to do his dirty work. He apparently then texted someone and tried to decide whether he should finish Moore* off. And this is an important aspect of the Feud. It will be better than the so-called democratic Government we have, run by foreigners and Jews’ (Fine Gael Ned Cronin), ‘On Wednesday, [Police] made a major breakthrough when they recovered guns believed to have been used in the MILITARY-STYLE [Regency Hotel] attack… It is understood that [Shane Rowan] was arrested after members of the ANTI-TERRORIST Special Detective Unit had been conducting surveillance on a warehouse for several days. So even though the police hadn´t determined for certain that the recovered weapons were the Regency weapons, Williams was stating with certainty that they were, and that they were ‘loaned to the Hutch gang by the IRA’. The large sums of money earned allowed these organised criminal gangs to both easily influence and ‘buy’ more politicians, police, and media personalities. Fine Gael immediately dragged Sinn Féin into the Regency Hotel attack media storm despite it having no association at all with the attack. If it wasn´t for Pete´s bravery many more people might have been killed. Sinn Féin is the modern descendent of the ‘Anti-Treaty’ side that fought during the Irish Civil War. There have been no convictions for that attack. One thing you can say about Gerard [the Monk Hutch] is that he never used his own kids like that’. It gets even worse! The second theory is that he was killed by Turkish heroin dealers. And while Kenny did his utmost to link Sinn Féin to the attack by pointing out that the assault rifles used might have originally been Provisional IRA weapons, he ignored the fact that the Continuity IRA leadership had recently threatened to kill both Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and deputy leader Martin McGuinness. All the nasty dirty secrets kept from Public. So, just a few days before the Regency Hotel weigh-in Ken Foy and other journalists literally pinpointed who would most likely lead the attack against Kinahan faction targets, named specifically as Daniel Kinahan* and David Byrne*, and even when this attack was most likely to occur. The so-called ‘Whistleblower’ originally claimed on his Twitter bio that his brother was killed by the Kinahans. BBC journalist Kevin McAnena claims he hid there for about ONE HOUR before police came to the scene of the shooting! It is worth noting that Jonathan and Patrick Dowdall weren´t the only father and son team arrested during the month of May. Almost all journalists have, as late as September 2018, all completely ignored the continued threats made by the Hutch associated Twitter accounts against Pete Taylor and the obvious motive for the Hutch gang to lash out at a man who coaches MTK sponsored boxers. This claim was in the mainstream media less than two weeks before the murderous Regency Hotel attack. Perhaps whatever he was promised is still on the way. As noted, Gary Hutch was of course also a nephew of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch. (Maeve Sheehan), ‘Members of the public expressed outrage at the massive display of wealth at David Byrne’s funeral’. ‘The Monk [Gerry Hutch] who is no longer involved in criminality and wanted no part in any feud, flew to Malaga and met with the Kinahans [where he was told] the Russians wanted €200,000 and a Hutch gang member would have to be shot in the leg and crippled’. Apparently, the suspicion that there was a paid informer in their upper ranks had led to stricter security within the Kinahan faction, and the level and rate of information forthcoming from the alleged informer had dropped off accordingly. As discussed earlier, Michael Barr sourced the very distinctive AKM assault rifles at almost the same time that Assistant Commissioner John O´Mahoney held a press conference asking the public to be vigilant and to be on the lookout for the use of such weapons and ‘terrorist’ activity. Junior Hutch gang members [are] brazenly dealing in the heart of their own north inner city… [The dealer pictured] is a close associate of the Hutch family and played a prominent role at the funeral of one of the gang’s [Kinahan] feud casualties… A source said those people are creating a zombie generation. The only ‘top tier’ member of the Kinahan faction to be ‘wiped out’ was David Byrne*, and that was during the Regency Hotel attack. It is beyond the scope of this present study to examine the nature of Irish politics, but for a very basic understanding: The earliest leaders of what would eventually become Fine Gael were people like W.T. Four days earlier, on May 13th, Dowdall had received a warning from the police claiming that his life was in danger, prompting him to try ‘get offside’, although obviously he didn’t succeed. Android. Both police and media sources claimed that the gunmen had been sent by the Kinahan faction. A close relative of Christy Burke´s would go on to be arrested and charged with possession of explosives and membership of a dissident republican group. From a high of 19% at the time of the savage attack on the Regency Hotel and the murder of David Byrne*, Sinn Féin´s popularity dipped to just 14%, a loss of 5% in just under three weeks! Why did the Regency attack planners decide that staging a massively high-profile fake ‘Republican’ terrorist attack on a packed public event would be good for them? A media frenzy almost always means the police will do everything they can for convictions, unlike when it´s just another ‘scumbag killing a scumbag’. Outside, the silver van drove up to the hotel and parked directly in front of the hotel entrance. Clearly Flanagan´s source gave him the essential elements of the story but disguised the Kinahans as ‘Russians’. Some police officers and politicians made good money from bribes received from the organised criminal network that developed from the CPAD. Poor old Patrick Dowdall got eight years in the blow-back from that fake news set-up. Instead, it was portrayed as legitimate by some sections of the media and as we have seen, used by Fine Gael to tarnish the reputation of mainstream Republicanism just prior to the 2016 election. A seemingly inexplicable and shockingly violent crime in the beautiful rural locale of ‘Little Town’ has devastating personal and professional consequences for its two police officers, Senior Constable Tess Fuller and her partner, Sergeant Finn Maguire. He is also an associate professor in the Investigations Department at the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at the University of New Haven in New Haven, Connecticut. The point here isn´t to claim Kinahan associates are angels, it´s to question why sections of the media are so intent on portraying Hutch gang members as angels! The then Minister for Justice, Fianna Gael politician Frances Fitzgerald was also asked to explain why no policing plan had been put in place, with such tragic consequences. And it was approximately ten minutes before the first police car arrived at the Regency Hotel in response to the first shots being fired and twenty minutes after the assassination team had arrived at the crime scene. In return the senior police officers agreed to keep police officers from the Regency Hotel both before and during the attack. It would presumably have been O´Mahoney who made the intelligence risk assessment about policing, or lack of policing, at the Regency Hotel, that was signed off on by Noreen O´Sullivan. Michael Barr and Kevin Murray also posed as ‘anti-drug’ vigilantes while being heavily involved in the drug trade. Murtagh and Molloy ran to the van first and were immediately shot by armed police officers who lying in wait but hidden. This Unholy Alliance between heroin dealers, supposedly ‘anti-drug’ vigilantes, and criminals posing as republicans should be noted by the reader as it will become pivotal to the current study. Or long-range shooters targeting from any of the many elevated positions that surround the carpark and hotel entrance! Kevin Murray had also served time in the Occupied Six Counties for IRA membership. This meant that Gary Hutch could not have been the shooter. The style of attack, designed to look like a republican terrorist attack, needed to be planned weeks in advance, and planned in a way that assumed there would be no police presence, and also choreographed in way that looked like a Republican terrorist attack. A blue Volkswagen later arrived into the estate with an Opal Astra. Gangland shootings are also usually frenzied affairs… [However] the gunmen in the Regency Hotel incident were unhurried and confident in their entry to the hotel. There was an excited buzz through-out the boxing community at the thoughts of a show featuring such quality up-and-coming Irish boxing talent. An alliance of Socialists won 6 seats, a different alliance of Socialist won 4 seats, the Social Democrats won 3 seats, and the Greens won 2 seats. The modern Finn Gael party tries to disguise it´s Fascist/Nazi roots and presents itself as a modern ‘centre-right’ party, who believe in big tax-cuts for wealthy people and businesses, which pretty much translates as tax cuts for themselves. Promotions, awards, and money was dished out to the appropriate conspirators during May 2016. Fucking scumbag. The murder of Byrne sparked gangland warfare between the Hutch gang and Kinahan Cartel’ (Ken Foy), ‘Anybody traning in Living I club Phibsborough be very careful my advice is 2 leave we don´t want a Pete Taylor part 2 … [names individual] u should be ashamed of yourself promoting [named individual] GYM… [named individual] nice guy my arse’, ‘David Byrne was killed during a DARING attempt to murder Daniel Kinahan and his brother Christopher Jnr. I´d heard that, in collaboration with the IRA, [Hutch] was planning a major operation… we arranged to meet in the city centre… As we spoke he told me about rumours I´d heard, denying parts of the stories, filling in with details that provided a rare glimpse into the top echelons of Dublin´s underworld… when I tried to question him about suspicions that he was [Dublin] city´s major heroin dealer he refused to reply, saying he was not going to incriminate himself…’! A minute later two masked gunmen entered the pub, and after a quick search left without firing a shot. Considering everything that had happened during the build up to the boxing event, and all the media stories highlighting this particular weekend specifically as a potentially violent flashpoint, the Kinahan faction expected a large and very visible police presence. Which IRA? The following day, on February 6th 2008, there was another ‘intelligence led’ seizure of €10.5million cannabis in Kildare by Irish police. This made him stand out from other ordinary criminals. After searching unsuccessfully for upwards of FIVE minutes all five shooters left the hotel and returned to the still waiting getaway van.

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