Oldham Sixth Form College


'The Oldham Pledge is what makes you stand out'

‘The Oldham Pledge is what makes you stand out'

So say Lorena Colompar and Gloria Igbineweka.

Gloria and Lorena began The Oldham Pledge Scheme when in Secondary School, at Hathershaw College when they were both chosen to help launch the scheme with local Businesses and spoke at the initial Business Launch of The Oldham Pledge.

As they began their Oldham Pledge journey, they showed real passion about wanting to do as many activities and opportunities as possible. They said they wouldn’t have taken part in so much if it wasn’t for the motivation of the pledge’s passport scheme of recording activities.

Both became Senior Ambassadors at Hathershaw College and completed many of the activities across the 14 different pledges. The students felt their pledge passports made a huge difference in applying for Oldham Sixth Form College and helped build their confidence.

They have continued to take on leadership opportunities whilst at OSFC, including School Science Ambassadors and Student Ambassadors. Gloria, who studies Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish is intending to study medicine at Oxford University and Lorena who studies Biology, Business, Psychology and Chemistry has ambitions to study Psychology at Manchester University.