Oldham Sixth Form College


Ore Ogunbiyi visits OSFC

Ore Ogunbiyi visits Oldham Sixth Form College


The Know hosted Ore Ogunbiyi, one of the authors of the bestselling Taking Up Space, on Thursday 7 October, as part of Black History Month.

We were delighted to see a full library of engaged audience members, both students and tutors, all discussing the very relevant and real topics contained within the book. Ore was an incredibly engaging and eloquent speaker who really connected with the College, sharing her valuable insights and thoughts.  

You owe it to yourself to choose a degree and career you love

The author engaged in a book reading, as well as a Q&A session discussing the creation of her book, her experiences at the University of Cambridge and life as a young black female. 

Ore is a Nigerian-British Politics and International Relations graduate from Jesus College, Cambridge. Whilst at Cambridge she pioneered the Benin Bronze Repatriation Campaign, the #BlackMenOfCambridgeUniversity Campaign and was President of the African-Caribbean Society.

She has since completed a Masters in Journalism at Columbia University, New York and has worked as a Special Assistant and Speechwriter to the Vice President of Nigeria. She is currently employed by the Economist as a journalist.

Language, and peoples' choices of words are not always intended to be harmful but can have consequences to the same affect. The onus is on us [the opressed] to provoke change but others need to build on their understanding and become allies.

We heard lots of amazing advice for our students and their futures, it was great to have such insights and we were proud to host such brilliant emerging writing talent. We can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you to Ore for spending the day with us.

The Know said of her visit:

Ore delivered a passionate and hopeful call to arms against the diversity deficit in the education system and challenged an audience of enraptured OSFC students to challenge - and BE the change - (in) their own lives, and those of others. Her skills as an academic and a public speaker as well as an author shone through and left many students feeling encouraged and elevated by her advice and knowledge.