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Bike for Peace - A Talk by Tore Naerland

Bike for Peace - A Talk by Tore Naerland

On Tuesday 22 November, Tore Naerland visited OSFC to talk about his organisation ‘Bike for Peace’ and his book ‘Pedal on for World peace’. Tore was accompanied by Richard Outram, secretary of the Mayors for Peace UK Chapter, an international organisation which encourages towns and cities to actively promote peace within and beyond their communities  

Tore hails from Stavanger, Norway, and has travelled to Oldham for various events this week. Despite being almost totally blind from the age of 15, since 1978 he has been touring the world by bicycle promoting the importance and necessity of peace as President of Bike for Peace (/www.bikeforpeace.no/). This is a Norwegian campaigning organization advocating for a world without nuclear weapons, for peace and disarmament, for improvements to the lives of disabled people and for measures to combat climate change.

 In recent years Bike for Peace have organized peace projects in Ukraine, Ethiopia, The Balkans, Armenia, India and many other places. Earlier this year, Tore toured Northern England on a tandem meeting the Mayors of Leeds, Skipton, Carnforth, Preston, Rochdale and Bradford. He cites Mahatma Gandhi and his advocacy of non-violence to achieve social change as one of his inspirations and impressed all present at the meeting with his energy, passion and commitment. Tore is currently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

During their visit, Tore and Richard presented OSFC with 2 books celebrating peace and encouraging our active participation in demanding world peace and nuclear non-proliferation.

 Richard who has previously visited OSFC to help plant a “Tree of Peace” said:

Tore and I were delighted to be able to visit Oldham Sixth Form College, and to have the opportunity to offer the college community this symbolic tree and talk in depth with its students. The peace tree from Hiroshima reminds us that we must never again see the use of nuclear weapons in anger, of the importance of working constantly for peace in our world, and of the ties of friendship that now exist between Hiroshima and Oldham.

 The visit was very thought provoking for our students, who also had the opportunity to ask Tore some very interesting questions:

Libby asked :‘How do you stay motivated to keep fighting for peace when there is so much to discourage you’ 

Adam wanted to know : What is your opinion on the use of nuclear power

Josh considered: Can everyone be reasoned with?

Declan asked: What is your solution to weapons/ arms proliferation?

Billy posed this thought: How can I individually promote peace like you? What will you do when you abolish nuclear weapons and do you think you can do it?