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Geography (A Level)

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I chose Geography as it provides a wide range of different topics to learn about our world today. It can provide multiple degree opportunities at universities and has lots of beneficial links with other humanities subjects.

Geography  (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1
    100% Exam
  • Year 2
    80% Exam; 20% Coursework
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What Will You Learn?

If you enjoy learning about the natural and human environment and issues that affect our lives, now and in the future, then this is the course for you. You will focus on the interaction between people and the environment and the understanding and management of the world today. You will study physical geography topics such as plate tectonics, coastal processes, the water cycle and water shortage and the carbon cycle and the energy question. Human geography topics include superpowers, globalisation, shaping places (regenerating places) and human health and intervention. Within both physical and human geography, you will develop your geographical skills along with applying fieldwork skills.


Unit 1 - Dynamic Landscapes, Physical Systems and Sustainability

This unit will introduce you to the study of the earth surface processes, landforms and landscapes. It will help you to understand tectonic processes and hazards, coastal landscapes and change, in addition to earth life support systems and the water cycle and water insecurity and carbon cycle and energy security.

Unit 2 - Dynamic Places, Human Systems and Geopolitics

You will investigate the action and interaction of people and places and will build a picture of how the world is shaped by humans. Topics include globalisation and superpowers along with shaping places focusing on regeneration of places and health, human rights and intervention.

Unit 3 -Geographical Issue(s) within a place based context 

This unit investigates some of the most dynamic geographical issues the planet faces from topics studied in units 1 and 2 and encourages you to engage with, reflect on and think critically with reference to a resource booklet. It will allow you to further develop your problem solving and decision making skills with reference to a geographical issue within a place-based context.

Unit 4 - Coursework: Independent Investigation

This is an independent geographical investigation linked to a physical or human topic from the Geography specification which will allow you develop a geographical area of interest and enhance your geographical skills.

Special Features

You will also have the opportunity to see Geography in action during field trips to take full advantage of the variety of natural and human landscapes including local human investigations in Oldham and Manchester and physical investigations to coastal environments such as the Holderness coastline and Sefton coastline.

Where Will This Lead?

A Level Geography is highly regarded by Russell Group universities as well as Oxford and Cambridge. Geography is popular for a number of careers including surveying, town and country planning, landscape architecture and environmental studies. As a Geography student, you will develop your problem solving, teamwork and analytical skills, along with organisation and communication skills which are highly regarded by both employers and Russell Group universities.