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Students of 2022

Students of 2022

Now you are nearing the end of Year 10 at secondary school, you will hopefully begin to think about your next steps after Year 11. At OSFC, we will support you every step of the way and help you make the right decision about your future. To help you start preparing, we have collated some helpful information and resources.

What can I study at OSFC?

We offer a wide variety of A Level, vocational and T Level courses at OSFC. You will study a combination of up to 4 subjects, depending on your pathway. You can read more about our pathways by clicking here.

How do I choose which subjects to study?

We understand that it can be overwhelming when choosing which subjects to study at OSFC, but there are lots of people to support you when making those decisions, for example your school teachers, careers advisors and your parents and friends.

When thinking about which subjects you want to study, you should consider:

  • Subjects which will help you in your future career
  • Subjects you enjoy at school
  • New subjects you want to try

You can explore our full range of subjects here.

We have put together some handy worksheets to help get you started when thinking about your future. Take some time to complete these and this will help you when you come to submit your application in September.

Our new prospectus will be available from September and will be delivered to your school. Make sure you pick up your copy!